Facebook Reactions, Shares, and Comments and Why They are Important for Domains

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This guide provides an in-depth exploration of a domain’s Facebook popularity, highlighting its relevance to domain names. It emphasizes the importance of Facebook shares, reactions, and comments and how they can influence a domain's worth. Readers will gain a thorough understanding of the interplay between Facebook shares and domain value.

Selecting the right domain is a critical decision and the significance of Facebook shares, reactions and comments in this process is often underestimated. These Facebook metrics are more than just numbers; they reflect a domain’s reach, visibility, and resonance with audiences.

Facebook engagements can reflect a domain’s past popularity and future potential. This is especially true for domains linked to industries like fashion, news, and trending topics, where content is frequently shared among peers.

Through this article, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of the significance of Facebook shares, likes, and comments in selecting a promising domain and how leveraging the FBS metric can offer a competitive advantage in identifying high-potential expired domains.

Additionally, we’ll guide you on how to effectively use the FBS metric on ExpiredDomains.com to optimize your domain selection process.

What is the Facebook Share (FBS) Score in domains?

The Facebook Share (FBS) shows how much a domain’s content has been shared on Facebook.  

Why is the Number of Facebook Shares Important For a Domain?  

A high FBS Score indicates that a domain previously contained content that strongly resonated with audiences, garnering shares. However, a low score doesn’t necessarily signal poor content. It might just mean the content wasn’t as shareable or socially captivating on platforms like Facebook.

While some content garners widespread attention, other topics are tailored for niche audiences and may accumulate fewer shares. It’s crucial to recognize that the FBS Score isn’t just about the raw number. Instead, it’s about discerning the context behind that number. Topics with universal appeal naturally draw more shares, while niche subjects, though valuable, might have fewer shares. The true essence of understanding an FBS Score lies in weighing its general appeal against its specialized value.

Facebook popularity; A more comprehensive factor

In addition to Facebook shares, we also consider the number of Facebook comments and reactions behind the scenes and blend them into the perfect smoothie that is Facebook popularity.

Sharing content is not enough. Likes, engagements, and reactions are the home run in any social media campaign and we make sure to measure those.

Website Types With the Most Popularity

The nature of content on a website plays a significant role in determining its shareability, engagements, and comments on platforms like Facebook. Websites that resonate with audiences, offer value, or stimulate emotional reactions tend to get more engagements and shares, and are the most popular. Let’s check out some of them:

1. News Websites: People regularly like and share news articles to spread awareness and information about current events and developments. The constant trending content and the time-sensitive nature of news keep the audience engaged and prompt them to share.

2. Lifestyle and Fashion Blogs: People like and comment on fashion and lifestyle content very frequently, and also like to share these with friends. High-quality images and aesthetic appeal drive engagements, and if they see something they like in particular, they’re likely to comment. Fashion tips, lifestyle advice, and the latest trends are inherently shareable as they resonate with users’ aspirations and interests.

3. Entertainment and Gossip Sites: Entertainment content, celebrity gossip, and humorous posts have high viral potential as they are typically light, amusing, and intriguing. The universal appeal of entertainment content makes it one of the most popular across diverse audience groups.

4. Educational and How-To Sites: Websites providing informative, educational content or practical advice and solutions tend to get liked and shared as they offer value to users. Tutorials, infographics, and educational videos are also more likely to get comments, usually in the form of questions or contributions.

5. Health and Wellness Websites: Health tips, wellness advice, and fitness guides are widely engaged with, due to their relevance and usefulness in everyday life. Content promoting mental and physical well-being resonates with users, encouraging them to like, comment, and share them with their network.

6. Food and Recipe Blogs: Food is a universal interest, and recipes or culinary tips are likely to be liked and commented on, and shared among friends and family. Striking food imagery and appealing sensory descriptions drive the most engagements.

7. Inspirational and Educational Content:  Websites that provide value through educational or inspirational content often enjoy high shareability as users are likely to share content that is enriching and enlightening.

8. DIY and How-to Sites:  DIY and how-to sites sharing tips on crafts and fabrications tend also tend to get likes and shares.

Importance of Facebook popularity in Domain Selection

How frequently a content from a domain was getting likes, shares, and comments on Facebook can be a powerful indicator of its value. Here’s why Facebook popularity is crucial for domain evaluation:

  1. Valuation of Domains:  For resellers, the facebook popularity can be a valuable metric in determining the potential worth of a domain. A domain with high popularity suggests that it has historically hosted content that resonated with a broad audience. This can be a selling point when negotiating prices with potential buyers.
  2. Strategic Purchases: Domain buyers looking to acquire domains either for personal use or to resell can use the Facebook popularity as a metric to identify domains that have a proven track record of producing shareable content. Such domains might already have a built-in audience, making them more valuable.
  3. Reputation and Trustworthiness: As mentioned, Facebook popularity can be an indicator of a domain’s credibility. For buyers, acquiring a domain with a good reputation can be beneficial, especially if they plan to continue in the same niche or topic. For resellers, it’s easier to market and sell a domain that’s perceived as trustworthy.
  4. SEO Considerations: While the direct impact of social shares on SEO is debated, the indirect benefits are clear. A domain with high Facebook popularity might have better visibility, potential backlinks, and user engagement. For a buyer, this means the domain might already have some SEO advantages. For a reseller, this can be a selling point to potential buyers who understand the value of SEO.
  5. Audience Insights: A domain’s Facebook popularity can provide insights into the type of audience that was previously engaged with the domain’s content. This can be valuable for buyers looking to target a specific demographic or for resellers trying to market the domain to potential buyers in a particular niche.
  6. Risk Mitigation: For buyers and resellers, understanding a domain’s Facebook popularity can help in assessing the risks associated with a domain. A domain with consistently high likes, comments, and shares over time might be a safer bet than one with erratic or minimal shares, as it indicates consistent audience engagement and value.

How to Select a Domain Based on Facebook popularity

Selecting the right domain is a crucial decision for any individual or business, especially if you want to leverage social media traffic. Here’s a guide on how to select a domain based on Facebook popularity:

  • 1, Decoding Organic Likes and engagements: Before considering the score, check if the likes, comments, and shares are organic (natural, without paid promotions). Organic metrics typically signal genuine user interest, indicating a domain’s potential value.
  • 2, Understanding other Facebook popularity metrics:  Familiarize yourself with the components of the Facebook popularity. Is it just shares, likes and comments, or do you also want to consider reactions? Knowing the breakdown helps assess the true engagement level of a domain.
  • 3, Compare the domain with other domains: Compare the key Facebook metrics with other domains within the same industry or niche. What might be high for a tech domain could be average for a fashion one. This relative analysis offers insights into how the domain fares against its peers. This ensures you’re getting a domain with above-average engagement for its specific niche.
  • 4, Checking Historical Content:  Investigate the type of content that was on the domain previously. Was it quality content, clickbait, or controversial topics? The historical content profile can help gauge if the domain's previous direction aligns with your intent. For instance, a domain with a history of polarizing content might not be suitable for a neutral, professional venture.
  • 5, Balancing Facebook popularity with Other Metrics: Remember, while Facebook popularity is pivotal, they're a piece of the puzzle. Other metrics like the domain's age can hint at its longevity and trustworthiness. Backlink profiles can shed light on the domain's reach and reputation. SEO rankings can give insights into organic search performance. Don't fall into the trap of single-metric obsession. A domain might have a stellar Facebook popularity but could be riddled with negative SEO or a dubious backlink profile. Weigh all metrics in tandem to make the best-informed choice.

How to Check Facebook Shares (FBS) Score on ExpiredDomains.com

The Facebook Share (FBS) score, a unique tool available on ExpiredDomains.com, aids users in evaluating domains. To effectively utilize the FBS score feature on our platform, follow this straightforward guide:

  1. Accessing the Platform: Visit ExpiredDomains.com and register or log in to your account to access advanced features and metrics.

  1. Accessing the FBS Score Section: After logging in, you’ll see our daily updated domain list showcasing millions of domains ranked according to different important metrics. Find the “FBS” column to view the FBS score for the expired domains, accompanied by other relevant metrics.

  1. Understanding the FBS Score:  The FBS Score quantifies how frequently content from a domain has been shared on Facebook. A domain with a higher FBS Score, as illustrated below, signifies that its content has been shared more extensively, implying that it was likely popular or pertinent to a specific audience in the past.
GoDaddy 75 8 79 698 2024-05-24 0 0
GoDaddy 2 000 58 36 680 2024-05-21 0 0
GoDaddy 9 600 69 10 219 2024-05-21 2k 40
Backorder 7 354 2024-05-22 0 0
GoDaddy 1 103 29 7 108 2024-05-25 11k 2k
Backorder 6 802 2024-05-22 0 0
GoDaddy 9 999 128 6 714 2024-05-21 137 18
GoDaddy 255 44 6 425 2024-05-25 2k 137
GoDaddy 6 605 43 5 943 2024-05-21 952 51
GoDaddy 1 026 29 5 659 2024-05-26 0 0
  • h68g.com
    79 698
  • newscafe.com
    2 000
    36 680
  • somethingnavy.com
    9 600
    10 219
  • nzone.com
    7 354
  • trophyskin.com
    1 103
    7 108
  • voltra.com
    6 802
  • bedbug.com
    9 999
    6 714
  • tutoreye.com
    6 425
  • buddyloans.com
    6 605
    5 943
  • airscan.com
    1 026
    5 659
  1. Filtering Domains Based on FBS Score:  To organize domains based on their FBS Scores, simply click on the FBS header icon. This will allow you to view the domains listed in either ascending or descending order of their FBS Scores.
  1. Making an Informed Decision:  While the FBS score can be a powerful indicator of past popularity on Facebook, consider it in conjunction with other metrics and factors. Take into account your specific needs, the domain’s relevance to your niche, its age, other SEO metrics, and its potential for future growth.

Benefits of Using the FBS Score for Evaluating Expired Domains

For domain buyers and flippers, this metric can offer a distinct edge. Here are the benefits of the FBS Score for assessing expired domains:

1. Valuable for Domain Flippers

For individuals and businesses involved in domain flipping (buying domains to sell at a higher price), the FBS score acts as a potent selling point. A domain with a strong FBS score can be marketed as one that has previously seen high engagement, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

2. Tailored Marketing and Content Strategy

Knowing the social engagement history of an expired domain, particularly via a platform as prominent as Facebook, can aid a new owner in devising a more targeted content and marketing strategy. With the FBS score offering insights into previous social interactions, new owners can decipher the kind of content that resonates  with audiences. This knowledge aids in crafting a content strategy that has a higher chance of success. The nature and degree of past shares can offer cues about the target audience, their preferences, and their behaviors, further tailoring content and marketing efforts.

3. Reduced Initial Marketing Efforts

 An expired domain with a stellar FBS score indicates previous widespread recognition. Capitalizing on this existing brand recall can lead to significant savings in initial marketing outlays. Instead of starting from scratch, new owners can engage an audience already familiar with the domain, expediting the re-establishment process.

4. Potential Backlink Goldmine

 Widely shared content usually translates to numerous backlinks from diverse sources. Even though the domain has expired, many of these backlinks likely remain, creating a valuable repository for SEO. This existing backlink profile can augment domain authority, making it easier to rank in search engine results pages and draw  organic traffic.

5. Higher Resale Value

For those considering the resale of the domain in the future, a strong history of Facebook shares (as indicated by the FBS score) can add to its valuation. A rich history of Facebook shares symbolizes a domain's potential for engagement. Domains with proven engagement metrics, such as a robust FBS score, are likelier to attract a diverse array of potential buyers, from businesses to individual bloggers, increasing its market demand and potential price point.


Throughout this article, we’ve highlighted the crucial role Facebook popularity plays in gauging a domain’s potential. While often overlooked, a domain’s Faebook popularity - likes, shares, and comments - is a telling sign of its appeal and the level of public interaction it can garner. This is true regardless of whether the website is business-focused, informative, or centered on lifestyle.

With the FBS score on ExpiredDomains.com, users now have an accessible tool to consider social media engagement in their domain choices. Use the FBS score on ExpiredDomains.com to align your domain with audience interests and enhance your online presence and engagement.