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Majestic-12 Limited is based in England and was founded back in 2004. They initially used the name Majestic SEO before formally switching to only Majestic in 2015. The search engine company basically surveys and maps the internet while simultaneously building the largest link intelligence database in the world. Clients can utilize Majestic data to increase their website traffic and conversions with detailed information about link building, reputation management, traffic development, competitor analysis, and news monitoring. While all of that might sound a bit overwhelming, the company offers a user-friendly web interface that makes navigation simple. Majestic constantly revisits web pages and sees around a billion URLs per day.


Majestic Global Rank is the position of a given domain within the top 1 million domains listed in the Majestic Million. Domains are ranked in descending order based on the number of high quality links they have pointing to them. This means the domain with a Majestic Global Rank of 1 would have the largest number of authorative backlinks pointing into it ( at the moment), according to Majestic. A domain name with lots of high quality backlinks pointing to it will often rank extremely high in search engines and therefor, send you lots of traffic. Domainers like to target these domains because they can develop websites around them or park them and make revenue off the existing traffic they receive.

However, just because a domain is ranked #1 doesn’t mean it has the most backlinks. Majestic ranks every website in the world based on the quality and number of links it has pointing to it. That means if you want your website ranked in the top million you need to focus on quality backlinks and not just quantity.

The top Majestic rank is 1 and the bottom is 1 million, although there are well over 1 million domains with quality backlinks pointing into them.


The purpose of Majestic Global Rank (Majestic Million) is to measure how many quality backlinks a domain has compared to others around the world. For domain investors, they can use Majestic Global Rank to see if a specific expired domain has good quality backlinks pointing to it. If an expired domain has lots of quality backlinks then it was most likely previously developed and will come with existing traffic and possibly even some remaining search engine rankings. A good Majestic Global Rank (anywhere in the top 1 million) is a clear sign of a valuable domain because lots of work had to be done for it to reach the top one million.

The main purpose behind domainers checking the Majestic Million is to get information about both the number of backlinks it has, and the quality of those backlinks. The lower the rank, the better quality backlinks the domain has. If a domain is not listed in the top 1 million it doesn’t necessarily mean there are no backlinks pointing to it. Instead, it means there are not currently enough quality backlinks to make it among the top 1 million in the world. With well over 20 million websites on the internet today, you can see only a very small portion will actually make it into the Majestic Million.

It’s common for domain investors to use the Majestic Global Rank as a filter for SEO or traffic domains. If a domain has lots of quality backlinks, it could possibly be listed within the Majestic Million. Anyone who purchases expired domains with the sole purpose of developing them will always want to check Majestic Global Rank. However, domains which have never been developed will probably never be ranked.


Majestic Global Rank and their other SEO tools can be found at for end users. You can quickly check whether a domain is listed in the Majestic Million or not by accessing a URL like this:

You can view a list of the Majestic Million here and it can be downloaded in CSV form from:

Majestic data is also available via an API.

A simple web request can display Majestic incoming link data including anchor text, trust flow, citation flow and more (needs your own, working Majestic API key from Majestic):

The Majestic API makes it quick and easy to bulk check thousands of domains, but the price can be expensive. The cost for a Full API account at Majestic is $399.99 per month and they do not offer any cheaper options aside from a free account which is pretty limited.


When it comes to in-depth backlink research, there is no tool more reliable than Majestic. The company doesn’t specialize in keyword difficulty, monthly search volume, on-page/technical SEO audits, or organic traffic data. Instead, they only focus on one thing: backlinks. Since the company has their own database and uses their own unique algorithm, it can be very hard to manipulate your Majestic Global Rank. The service doesn’t use toolbars and can’t be faked with bots. The only way to rank in the Majestic Million is to have lots of good quality backlinks pointing to your website. Good quality backlinks can’t really be faked, so if a domain is ranked within the Majestic Million it’s likely not a spammy or junky domain.


Majestic is available at a variety of different price points, including free accounts and subscription options ranging from $49.99 per month to enterprise level options. High end features include deeper analysis and API access, allowing developers to integrate Majestic Data with their own toolsets.

Converting Majestic Global Rank to Traffic

Majestic Global Rank isn’t like some of the other ranking services we have listed below because traffic plays no role in determining where a domain ranks in the list. Majestic Million is a list based only on the number and quality of backlinks a domain has pointing to it. Therefor, you should only use the Majestic Global Rank when trying to determine if a domain has lots of good quality backlinks. If a domain is listed in the Majestic Million then it likely has several quality backlinks which should mean it has (at least) some traffic. But, it can be hard to determine if high numbers of backlinks will actually mean lots of traffic. That would partially depend on whether any of those backlinks actually send any referral traffic or not.

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